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Lisa Anderson

November 12, 2019

Beautiful store and the owners were wonderful to deal with. Very professional and friendly. We were in a time crunch as we ordered our wedding bands 2 weeks before our wedding and they were very accommodating and made sure we got the rings on time. Would highly recommend.

Mike Stanton

September 13, 2019

After sharing our last ring experience with Terry and Angela they made sure we did not leave the shop until we were fully satisfied. Thank you for taking the time to ensure I will love this ring forever and wear it with pride. Terry actually made one ring and was not satisfied so he remade the ring a second time until it was perfect. What a great 25th anniversary gift and experience!

Sydney Leinweber

October 25, 2019

master craftsmanship and excellent customer service! had to wait a bit to get my ring back, but I'm glad i chose them to do it! (ring resizing) Well worth the wait!

Michelle Stickney

August 24, 2019

I took my rings in to get them joined the staff and the jeweler was amazing. They were fast and got my rings done by week end. I highly recommend Artistry in Gold

Melissa Judd

September 18, 2019

I had a family heirloom ring resized/rebuilt. It looks perfect, so pleased with the quality of the work. Thank you!