Custom Project




The first step is deciding on a price range. This narrows down the criteria in selecting a diamond, which in most cases determines approximately 90% of the cost of the ring.


Second is finding a loose diamond from among the many Artistry In Gold offers. Buy what you can afford, you can always upgrade later.


Thirdly, is selecting a ring setting, this may at first seem to be the most intimidating, but it is actually quite a simple process.

Remember after the wedding, the celebration with family and friends, the honeymoon etc., the ring is one of the few everyday reminders of your commitment to each other.

Hand Fabrication

One of the greatest assets and credit to our success at Artistry in Gold is our ability to create a piece of fine jewellery completely by hand. This is the area in which our reputation for fine craftsmanship was built, and where we truly shine. Before the advent of computer aided design, modern casting and mass duplication technology, jewellery was created by highly skilled craftsmen utilising ancient techniques. Workers in the jewellery trade were separated by their level of skill and training. Artistry In Gold brings you three generations of commitment to fine craftsmanship.

3D Rendering

Our clients often approach us with little more than a concept for a piece. Our designers at Artistry in Gold can take those conceptual ideas, whether from a sketch or just a verbal description, and turn them into working images through Computer Aided Design. You will then be able to see a visual prototype of a piece and work with us to adjust the design to your specifications. Once you’re satisfied with the design, our designers at Artistry in Gold will use Computer Aided Manufacturing to create a physical model, ready for molding or casting.

We are flexible in our approach to the jewellery CAD/CAM process. You can provide us with your ideas and we will refine and create a model. There are many options available at Artistry in Gold when it comes to your fine jewellery. We’re here to help you at any point in the process, from design to production.


At Artistry in Gold, the ancient practice of lost wax casting is used to create a variety of pieces, from simple to extraordinarily complex designs. We feel it’s of paramount importance to match the piece to the most effective method of casting. We employ three different methods of casting.

Gold and silver are cast at relatively low temperatures (1,500° to 2,100°F). A gypsum-bonded investment is used to cast. The melted metals are gravity-poured with a vacuum assist and pressure over pour.Platinum and palladium are cast at higher temperatures (2,200° to 3,800°F). A phosphate-bonded investment is used to cast. The melted metals are centrifugally poured under a vacuum.At Artistry in Gold, we also employ a proprietary cuttlebone shell and sand casting method. This unique technique can be used with every type of metal.

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